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PEARLS Proposal submitted. Fingers crossed

This morning we have submitted the last version of PEARLS proposal into SYGMA Platform, only a few hours before the closure of the 2017 MSC RISE call. We entered the first version in late March. Since then, we have updated a new draft almost every week. We have organised ourselves very well thanks to the work and collaboration from all the Consortium partners. Almudena Arrabal´s support with SYGMA Platform and Miguel Torres´s graphical design of the information have been very remarkable. The proposal consists of 36 secondments that will be held between thirteen entities from five countries that will focus on six complementary Work Packages. The Steering Committee will support the PEARLS Coordinator. The Consortium will also count with an Advisory Board comprised of Essex University; the Agenzia Nazionale per l’energia ENEA; and the Spanish company Prodiel.

The goal is achieved!     : ἀνέρριφθω κύβος.

Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) Coordinators’ Day

The MSC-RISE Actions Coordinators have attended the general meeting hosted in Brussels by the Research Executive Agency. There have been two intense sessions where we have been informed about how demanding and extremely competitive has the MSCA RISE 2017 call been. Only a 20% of the proposals were successful. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the implementation of the MSCA RISE Grant Agreement and best practices for successful project implementation. Special attention has been given to the requirements of the Grant Agreement; the eligibility conditions for the secondments; and the financial rules.

The meeting provided us with the opportunity of making personal contact with our Project Officer and meeting the other RISE projects coordinators from related fields. The Humanities and Social Sciences Panel are well represented by Southern European countries.

Workshop on Excellent Research Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange

Finally, earlier this week we have organized the workshop in order to submit a proposal for the forthcoming MSC RISE 2017 call. We have been fortunate enough to meet the academic partners from Lisbon, Trento and Thesaloniki, and to be in contact with Haifa and Esse. On the Spanish side, we are working side by side with Territoria Company. In addition to establish a first contact between the Research Groups on Social Sciences and Architecture at the University of Seville, which work on Renewable Energy.

Until April, 4th we have a lot of work to do: to look for partners from administrative and business environments and NGOs; to refine the structure of a solid proposal; and commit to the Work Packages tasks and secondments if we manage to get the Project’s approval.

We have decided our Consortium and Project’s name.

We are calling ourselves PEARLS: Planning and Engagement Arenas for Renewable energy LandscapeS.

Eva Loukogeorgaki, Bruno Zanon & Ana Delicado in the Courtyard of Geography and History Faculty at University of Sevile (January, 25th 2017).


Coopernico have a blog where PEARLS is featured.

Here the blog:

The PEARLS project is a collaboration between 5 countries and 16 institutions working together to understand regional diversity in favour of new advances in the low carbon economy. PEARLS is encouraging people’s commitment to safe, clean and efficient energy, while acting on spatial planning and social innovation in Renewable Energy Landscapes, bringing the vision and experience of Mediterranean countries to the rest of Europe.

Anna Codemo’s PhD thesis “Climate sensitive design for regenerative cities”

On October 2nd, Anna Codemo defended her doctoral thesis in Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (University of Trento) entitled “Climate sensitive design for regenerative cities” based on the results coming from the secondment that she was able to performduring the PEARLS project.

The entire PEARLS team is delighted with your success. Congratulations, Anna

COVID-19 Changes: “5th Energy and Society Conference”.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances resulted from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the organizers of the “5th Energy and Society Conference”, which was supposed to take place in the University of Trento on September this year, have decided to postpone this event. The new dates will be the 10-12 February 2021.

For further information about this event, please consult their website through the following link:


We will continue updating future changes regarding PEARLS arisen from this sanitary emergency.

Horizon 2020 Platform Results: A new tool of dissemination.

Some of the cartographical tools and 3D Monitoring on REL developed by our team in Geosystems Hellas and the University of Seville are already uploaded to the Horizon 2020 Platform Result and available for the general public under consultation, but our consortium is still working on exploitable results that could be included in here.

We will continue working on this matter and will let you know as soon as we have more results uploaded.


Call for the “International Geographic Congress”

In the upcoming August, the IGC will take place in Istanbul. Topics treated by the PEARLS Consortium will be addressed in the workshop “Sustainability Processes in the Low-carbon economy: Territories and Renewable Energies”

Deadline for submissions of abstracts:

13th of January (Link for Submissions)

More info about this call:


Fifth “Energy and Society” Conference

The University of Trento, one of the PEARLS Consortium participants, will host in September the fifth Conference on the social dimension of energy, aiming to exchange insightful ideas and to create opportunities for collaboration.

Through a wide variety of topics, interested participants are encouraged to present papers on different aspects of the Energy Transition treating its sociological aspects in different workshops/special sessions. Deadline for abstract submissions: 31st of January.

One of these workshops will be specially dedicated to Renewable Energy Landscapes, one of the main topics of our project.

More detailed info about this call:


Upcoming Workshop: “The role of transnational R&I networks to strengthen smart energy”.

Organised by the Smart Specialisation Platform, the objective of the workshop is to offer an overview on the how/why/who of Smart Grids in Europe, with the main aim of supporting national/regional authorities and key stakeholders across Europe in Planning and Designing  the allocation of their EU funds for supporting investments in smart grids R&I and deployment.

More info on schedules; objectives and application:


Energy Communities in Alicante, Spain.

This last month, EnerCoop in association with others have launched an initiative to consolidate Crevillant as a “local energy community of reference”. The Electricity cooperative has presented the objectives of this singular initiative which aims to foment self-consumption among others.

More info about this event:



Prof. Maria-Jose Prados visit the Ma’ale Gilboa Renewable Energy Wind Farm

Guest Lecture at Tel-Aviv University

The Department of Environmental Studies at Tel-Aviv University has hosted a guest lecture given by María José Prados on April 11th. The lecture gave an introduction to the “Planning and Engagement Arenas for Renewable Energy LandscapeS” project to a group of international students.

The lecture was given during the first part of Ms. Prados’ secondment in Israel, in partnership with Daniel Madar and Hagitt Ulanovsky from SP Interface.

PEARLS Project Presentation. 9th International Congress for Spatial Planning

Doctoral Course on “Social Innovation and Renewable Energies: the use of participatory methods”. This November Dr. Ana Delicado will give a two-day Research Seminar at the University of Seville.

The US held the oficial launch of the international action PEARLS, Planning and Engagement Arenas for Renewable Energy Landscapes



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