PEARLS has been selected for having the potential in its research result to help the European Institutions to fight back climate change. In order to disseminating the exploitable results of our investigation, the European Commission has launched an online platform through which every selected project can bring forward some of the results they have been producing through this call.

More than 1.000 results have already been promoted since its launching took place last December with topics being treated which vary from engineering solutions against climate change to social sciences approaches to this matter. This proves the great diversification of funds that this call is willing to relocate and the level of commitment of these institutions against climate change. Reaching the general public is one of the main concerns that European institutions are now trying to deal with, and this platform is one of the measures that could help to achieve this purpose. Even though, this platform is also a way of putting in contact different actors of the movement against climate change.

Some of the cartographical and 3D monitoring tools on REL developed by our team are already uploaded to the Horizon 2020 Platform Result and available for the general public under consultation, but our consortium is still working on exploitable results that could be included in here. We will continue working on this matter and will let you know as soon as we have more results uploaded.