Ana Rita Antunes, Executive Coordinator of Coopernico, in Thessaloniki promoting this Lecture about Energy Cooperatives in Europe

Lecture about Energy Cooperatives in Europe at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Our partner Ana introduced Coopernico to the audience at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. As a branch of her expertise, she has introduced concepts about the energy cooperative movement across Europe within the concept of energy democracy. As member, the aim of the organization is to represent the voice of citizens, providing services for the European REScoops or facilizing international exchanges and cooperating between energy cooperatives. Furthermore, promoting a model based on cooperation as Energy Democracy has, it is important for us because it has a main idea like the objectives of PEARLS project.

By 2050, around 45% of renewable energy production could be in the hands of citizens, about a quarter of which could come through participation in a cooperative. Energy communities create social cohesion and spaces to educate people on issues around energy and democracy, triggering behavioral change and energy savings through a deeper and more conscious involvement within the energy system.